The Golf Course

It is a course that remains in superb condition all year round and whilst demanding, is usually fair and enjoyable. It it widely regarded as a true and comprehensive test of one’s golfing skills.

Hole 1

A medium length par 4 with trouble both left and right of the tee. You need to aim straight to get a good bounce off the hill, leaving yourself with a short shot to a small green.

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Hole 2

The second is an uphill par 3 with a landing surface that requires a solid shot onto the green. It slopes from back to front. Careful club selection is the key to succeeding on this hole.

Hole 3

One of the most difficult holes on the course. This par 4 has a severe bank which requires both an accurate and long drive if you are to give yourself a chance of getting a par.

Hole 4

The second par 3 of the course gives some respite after the challenge of the previous hole. Green slopes from front to back.

Hole 5

The first of the two demanding par fives. This hole requires a straight drive over the mound in order to set up a potential second to the green. Both left and right can be trouble from the drive.

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Hole 6

Out of bounds to the right is the only real problem on this par 4. Bunkers protect the approach to the green. Beware of the deep rough and the out of bounds at the rear of the green.

Hole 7

A magnificent par 4 with a narrow landing area about 170 yards from the green. The approach is to a narrow tiered green.

Hole 8

A tough par 4 over a hill. Hit into the hill and your left with a very long second to the green. Hit over the hill and you have an uphill shot to a well protected green.

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Hole 9

This par 4 has a dog leg to the right with a bunker placed on the corner of the dog leg to catch those brave enough to attempt to carry it. A very tough green to hit as it sits in a hollow.

Hole 10

A relatively easy par 4 with an excellent chance of a birdie if you hit a straight drive. Hit long on this hole and you will find yourself out of bounds.

Hole 11

A tough par 4 unless you can carry the dog-leg. Lay the ball up with a straight drive to the corner this will give you a simple shot onto the green.

Hole 12

The signature hole of Alnwick known as the ‘Lang Whang’ where many visitors say it will test golfers of any ability . A Dog-leg left awaits where the brave try to drive over the corner bunkers to leave a 300+ yard approach.

Hole 13

Downhill par 4 with gorse protecting the hole to the right and in front of the green. You need to keep your ball to the left of the fairway for a short iron approach.

Hole 14

Another excellent birdie opportunity with this drivable par 4. No real problems here but the green can be tricky.

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Hole 15

An uphill par 3 where club selection is paramount. The green is well protected by bunkers and gorse carry these and a birdie will be on the card. Once you have completed this hole take a moment to take in the view over the countryside.

Hole 16

Hit the fairway from the tee and this dog-leg right will leave you with a medium iron to a well protected green.

Hole 17

A downhill par 3 where a careful tee shot is required. Keep your shot straight and you will be rewarded.

Hole 18

A straight drive down a narrow driving area to the crest of the hill, will leave you a medium to short iron to the green a well placed shot here will complete your round nicely.