Alnwick Castle Golf Course

Dress Code & Etiquette

“The general principle is that visitors and members shall conform to the best of golf standards both on and off the course”

They are particularly required to observe the following dress code:

  • Shirts must have sleeves. Football shirts, T-shirts or vests are not acceptable. Denim jeans are not acceptable
  • Track suits, leisure suits and shell suits are not permissible
  • Shorts are acceptable if they are tailored to the knee. Cycling shorts, leggings and beach wear are not allowed on the course.

The club's Steward, Starter or any committee member have the right to bring to the attention of any member or visitor, the fact that their dress may not be in keeping with the requirements of the club rules .

Any person playing the course is required to…

  • Be courteous to fellow golfers
  • Observe the local rules
  • Have their own bag of clubs
  • Avoid moving, talking, standing close to, or directly behind the ball when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke
  • Avoid slow play at all times and leave the putting green immediately after a hole is completed
  • Signal to the players behind to pass through when searching for a ball and should not search for five minutes before doing so. Having signalled to the players behind play should not resume until they have passed and are out of range.
  • Rake bunkers, leaving the rake in the middle of the bunker
  • Replace all divots, including those in the rough and in the practice area
  • Keep to pathways and walkways
  • Avoid damage to the course and tees with practice swings
  • We would like to remind all visitors to Alnwick that the use of mobile phones on the course is prohibited and they may only be used in the car park. Please ensure that whilst playing your mobile phone is switched off.
  • As an act of courtesy to all members and guests we request that mobile phones are programmed to silent whilst using the clubhouse facilities.

To assist with the maintenance of the greens and tees, all players are further required to…

  • Repair all pitch marks on greens with a pitch mark fork
  • Avoid dragging feet on the greens
  • Place golf bags at the side of the green
  • Keep buggies and trolleys off greens at all times
  • Fill divot scars on tees with a mixture of sand and soil where provided
  • Avoid excessive practise swings on the tees

The Club Committee and Rangers will ensure that the above rules are adhered to.

We hope you enjoy your round at Alnwick Castle Golf Club.


Telephone: 01665 602 632 | Email: | Swansfield Park, Alnwick , Northumberland, NE66 2AB

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